The definitive list on who everyone is in relation to one another.

Brady is the narrator, myself.

Maria is my mother. Dylan is my younger brother. Tony is my mother’s partner. Jacob is Tony’s young son, who has Downs syndrome.

Greta is a friend from back home, very sarcastic and dark in the most amusing way possible. Her sister, Holly, is one of my best friends of all time and someone who offers endless support. ArabellaBonnie and Clara are the best friends since high school. Rachel is the lovable hot mess, and possibly the only person more unfortunate that me most of the time, who would open me up to the gay world.

Persephone is a former work colleague at the Gaybar, the affiable yankee. Grace is another colleague from the Gaybar who would become a close friend and housemate. Izzy is a supervisor at the Gaybar and someone who would offer a lot of support as I needed it. Jimmy, also from the Gaybar, is the geeky friend. Charlie, another colleague/housemate combo who went a bit to the wayside. Carl, the new guy at the Gaybar who ruffled me the wrong way initially.

Sam was my first serious relationship, ever, and the first person I truly dedicated any time to when I first moved to the big city. Greg is the first significant boy that followed, something of a predator and a work colleague who I would become close too.


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